Oasis Dating Site Tips To Join

Oasis Dating  Site is free to begin with. Once you’ve registered, you can add more detailed information to your profile and search for matches.

Oasis Dating Site

The messaging and chat function is also free, which is a bonus compared to some dating sites that often charge for this key feature.

The Oasis Dating Site Premium service – The added extras

Whether you want the best quality user experience or just want to make your profile more visible to other members, the premium package offers extra features.

No Advertisements

Going ad-free removes all ads from the website and mobile app for 30 consecutive days, so you can browse profiles and contact potential dates without any distraction.

Shout outs

To meet more people, and faster, you can send a shout out. Choose a shout out message, and it will be sent to hundreds of your most active matches at the same time.

Shout out messages include:

  • Check out my profile
  • Contact me! I am looking for new friends
  • Do you want to chat?
  • Are you looking for a date?
  • Check out my photo gallery

It’s worth remembering that once you’ve completed a shout out purchase, your cancellation rights will be lost.


How much does Premium cost?

The site’s two paid upgrades are both reasonably priced. Sending a shout out will cost you $3.49 and you can only send one every five days. Going ad-free costs $3.49 for 30 days.

How to pay?

You can pay for an upgrade with most major credit and debit cards or by PayPal.

How to reduce costs at Oasis Dating?

As it’s a free online dating site, there is no way to reduce costs on the additional upgrades.

Membership structure

There are over 21 million members in the Oasis Dating Site network around the world, and it’s geared towards young singles looking for friendship, casual hook-ups or serious relationships. It’s open to straight, gay, and lesbian singles, and also has a transgender option.

The number of active members that have logged in in the last 24 hours shows on the site, usually around 300,000, providing plenty of potential options for a match.


Time needed: 6 minutes.

Signing up is simple and straightforward.

  1. Go to  dating

    Go to the Oasis Dating website and on the homepage, select your gender and the gender you’re interested in

  2. Join!

    Click ‘Join now’

  3. Create a new user

    Create a username and password, and enter your email address, date of birth and postcode

  4. Create your Profile

    Select ‘Create my profile’

  5. Give additional info about yourself!

    You’ll then need to verify your email address, add a photo and complete your profile with additional information

Oasis Dating profiles with a photo have 17 times more likes than those without, so it’s highly recommended to get one added. To upload your picture, click ‘My Profile’ and then ‘Update Photo’.

User friendliness

You can easily see who’s ‘liked’ your profile, and you’ll then have three days to decide whether to like them back or not. Expect to be inundated with ‘likes’ from some members as soon as you sign up, even before you’ve even added a photo and with very basic profile information filled out.

Ideal for meeting like-minded singles, the quick and simple search has dropdown boxes that can be filtered by age range, country, distance and even if they’re currently online.

Additional filters include relationship status, appearance, and whether their lifestyle is a good combination with yours. Scrolling through all the options to select each one isn’t the best user experience, and can feel time-consuming.

You’ll know instantly when someone likes your profile, but these alerts can be a distraction when using the site. To minimise interruption, it does offer you the choice to adjust your status to online, away, and do not disturb.

The Oasis Dating app has all the features of the desktop version, in the same simple layout and style. It may not offer anything new compared to the site, but it’s more user-friendly as you can view matches on the go and swiping yes or no is easier.

Contacting users

It’s not very clear how to start chatting with members if you’re new to the site. Although there’s a chat box, it can take a while to work out that to be able to contact another member by chat, you’ll need to like their profile. If they like your profile back, then they’ll be added to your contacts list so you can start chatting.

Selecting ‘Yes’ at the top right of a profile is an easy way to show you like another member. If they’re online, they’ll be notified straight away and can choose to either like you back, say they aren’t interested or simply ignore your request.

If they like your profile in return, they’ll then appear on your contacts list and you can send a message.

  1. Click on their username
  2. Select the ‘Send Message’ on their profile
  3. The messenger window will open
  4. Send them a personal message.


Pros and cons 

What we like

  • The search function provides access to all other members
  • You can filter your search using a range of available fields
  • You also get featured matches from the website
  • All members can send messages for free
  • There’s a chatroom feature.


What we don’t like

  • Lacks an identity verification system
  • Many ads on the page
  • Easy to create fake profiles on the website, so there’s the potential for a lot of fake users on the platform


How does oasis dating site work?

Here’s how it works:

1. Every time your profile is liked, you’ll be notified
2. You’ll have three days to reply if you like them back
3. If you say ‘Yes’, you’ll be added to each other’s contact list
4. You can then start chatting straight away
5. You can also choose ‘maybe’ and decide later.

It’s easy, and best of all, it’s a free service.

How much does oasis dating site cost?

Oasis Dating site is free, and there are no subscription fees. You can send messages and contact as many members as you want to. There are optional extra features, such as ‘Shout Out’ and ‘Go Ad-Free’, that you can choose to pay for.

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How do I unsubscribe fromoasis dating site?

To unsubscribe from Oasis Dating emails you’ll need to login to the site and select ‘Account Settings’ at the top of the page. You can then click on ‘Email notification preferences’ and choose what emails you receive and how often you get them.

How do I delete my oasis dating site account?

Deleting your account is straightforward. Simply log in to the site, and click on ‘Account settings’. You’ll then need to choose ‘Deactivate account’.

You can reactivate your account within six months by logging into the site and reactivating your profile. If you want to take a break from online dating, but don’t want to delete your existing contacts, you can also hide your profile:

1. Log in to the website
2. Select ‘Account Settings’
3. Choose ‘Change your profile privacy settings’
4. Click on ‘Hide my profile’
5. Your profile is now hidden and you’ll be unable to contact any members.

Company information

Registered office address: 3H Group Pty Ltd, Suite 310, 46-56 Kippax St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia
Registered company based in Sydney, Australia
Parent Company: 3H Group Pty Ltd
Website: https://www.oasisdating.com/
Director: CEO David Heysen and CTO Daniel Haigh

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