How to Fix Android Touch Screen Not Working

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How to Fix Android Touch Screen Not, Working


  1. Restart Your Android Device

This works 85% of the time. Screen locking/managing applications often make touchscreen unresponsive. In that case, you need to restart your Android device.

How can I reboot my tablet when the touchscreen is not working?

>>Grab your Android tablet/phone

>>Press and hold the Power Button for 10 seconds or until the screen goes blank.

>>Wait a minute or two and then power on your device normally using the same button.

  1. Knocking the Touchscreen (Not recommended)

Remove the Screen Protector on your Android device if present. Now, gently knock every corner of your touchscreen to realign it. Sometimes continuous phone drops cause screen digitizer cable to lose its connection to device motherboard however, it’s a rare case.

  1. Eject Memory Card and Sim

Shutdown your Android device and remove the Memory card and Sim(s) attached to it. Also, remove the battery for a few seconds if possible.

  1. Remove Any Cases

Smart cases are good in protecting your device from scratches and damage. But their automatic screen wake/sleep feature sometime causes the device to malfunction. Remove the case, perform a restart.

5.Hard Reset your Android

For advanced users.

If everything else doesn’t work, try doing a hard reset on your phone. This will wipe your phone/tablet and return it to its original condition.

This usually involves holding down Volume-Up and Volume-Down button together and then pressing Power Button (every phone has a different method).

It will start your device in Recovery mode, you can do a Wipe-Factory-Reset from there. Use volume up/down buttons to navigate and press the Power button to select. Be careful and don’t mess with other options or you may brick your phone.

  1. Re Calibrate Your Touch Screen:

Here you’ll need to recalibrate your touch screen; first of all, enable installation from an unknown source, to do so, open up Settings > Security, scroll down a bit to turn on “Unknown Sources”.

Then download this calibration tool Below 👇 >>>Open up the app and press the start calibration button on the screen and it Follow the instructions till d end.

Sadly if it persist, you will have to take it to engineer for repair


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