How To Convert Your Crypto To Cash

How to convert your crypto to cash Download binance from Play Store and complete


Wallets > P2P > P2P Trading.

How To Convert Your Crypto To Cash

Remember, you’re converting your crypto to fiat, which means you’re selling.

The crypto you received will most likely be in your Spot Wallet (on the app, go to Home > Wallets > Spot), and you’ll need to move it to your P2P (peer-to-peer) wallet to be able to transact with it. To transfer funds from your Spot Wallet to your P2P wallet:

  1. Open the Binance app, then go to Spot.
  2. On the Spot page, press Transfer.
  3. The default currency is BTC. If you’re transacting in a different currency, tap on the BTC and select the currency you want on the page that shows up.
  4. Enter the amount you want to transfer (to send everything, press Max).
  5. Press the Transfer button at the bottom of the screen

How To Buy Bitcoin

Be Smart
When your buyer indicates that they’ve transferred the funds to your bank account (you’ll receive a notification), be sure to check your bank account balance via your mobile app or any other method available to you (credit alerts can be faked) to ensure you received the funds before pressing the Release button to release the crypto to them. Also try to be respectful to your buyer’s time by staying close to your device so you can confirm their payment as soon as possible.

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