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Cannabis Social Network, There is no longer a time when business transactions were made in whispers or through relatives. With the rise of corporatization and the democraticization of the industry, it is now possible to level the playing field, anyone with an idea or concept can change the course of the market. This is the reason cannabis social networks can be a huge factor.

If you’re a publicly traded company or a local dispensary, or someone who is just growing just a few plants in your backyard, you are able to interact, connect and interact with customers and other businesses, and help drive the development of your business by using social media.

Top Best Cannabis Business Social Network In 2021

The market for cannabis is one of the most reliable markets in the past couple of years, and as the new decade kicks moving, most financial experts are of the opinion that the market is set to experience rapid growth. In fact, with the regulatory frameworks shifting in favor of the cannabis industry across the globe and legalization becoming more commonplace each day, it’s evident that the trend upwards of”pot stock” or “pot stocks” and associated businesses will be unaffected.

But for some time cannabis companies sat in the desert of technology, inability to capitalize on the growth opportunities which were available to other industries. Recently, there’s an utter shift toward embracing the internet with all its open-source, unfiltered beauty, and no one is more crucial than the growing popularity of social media networks for businesses in the cannabis industry.

So, in this article, we list the top social networks you need to be a part of, if you want your cannabis social network business to succeed in 2021.


It is often referred to as “Facebook of cannabis market”, WeedLife is the most well-known social media platform for cannabis lovers and business alike. It has a layout based on newsfeeds which showcases the most recent news, reviews , and everything else that is related to cannabis, WeedLife has become the site for cannabis users on the web. Its ability to keep the social aspect that allows users creating profiles and upload images and videos and join some of the biggest forums on marijuana is what makes it an innovator in the world of virtual reality with a few technical issues.

The registration fee is free for both users as well as businesses. While WeedLife is more user/consumer-oriented network, its sister offering, MJlink, is more of a b2b based network.


  • Connect and interact with fellow cannabis enthusiasts
  • Stay abreast of the latest trends and keep in touch with market innovations
  • Share photos, videos and experiences with people who understand what you’re talking about
  • Discuss, debate and talk with other cannabis users on one of the most active marijuana forums
  • Gain insight into the science and strains
  • Review products and recommend dispensaries
  • Join groups and fan pages



Consider a cannabis directory in which you can browse through a catalog of various cannabis strains, discover a variety of merchandise and dispensaries near you and get every question you have about cannabis answered by a professional, and you’ll be able to have one of the most popular websites with the name of CannaSOS.

As a business owner you could get your business included on the website and then make it available to thousands of people. You can also place ads on the website and get an advantage over your competitors with hyper-targeted advertising.


  • Massive database of cannabis strains with detailed information on their effects, THC ratios and other attributes
  • Find products and dispensaries filtered to your specific needs
  • Create and run ads for your business
  • Fast growing community with over 500,000 monthly visitors
  • Attractive and user-friendly platform
  • Get all your questions answered by “weed pros”
  • Join niche groups for those ultra-specific discussions

Visit CannaSOS


A brand new player in the industry, Leafwire has grown quickly to become a popular choice among the cannabis-related business community. Similar to LinkedIn as opposed to traditional online social networks, Leafwire aims to connect business owners and potential investors in a professional manner but in a virtual world.

If you’re looking to gain access to capital or network companies in your specific field, Leafwire is your best choice. It allows you to post images, news, articles as well as information about your cannabis-related business.

It also lets you find the top talent in your business or, if you’re a job seeker, find a new job. The most appealing aspect of the platform is that you are able to communicate with actual experts and professionals, rather than only fellow users.


  • Professional platform that connects entrepreneurs and investors alike.
  • For a business sector that was previously viewed as high risk, Leaf Wire allows business owners to have access to an array of interested investors and venture capitalists
  • Additionally, the platform permits investors to get early entry into companies in an explosive industry
  • Like LinkedIn The marketplace allows employees and companies to locate the right person or place to collaborate with
  • Learn more about the industry as well as new products, techniques, and the latest trends from the most renowned experts in the field.

Join Leafwire

High There

High It uses all of your favourite social media platforms and ties them together into a hemp ribbon, to make your preferred social networking application. No matter if you’re brand novice to cannabis scene or a veteran of the industry, there’s something for everyone who joins this application. The High There platform gives numerous networking opportunities, including investment and career guidance and blogs on cannabis you should know about and tools for building friendships to connect you with other cannabis enthusiasts and professionals. With a wealth of interesting information and content, High There will make your passion for cannabis blossom like the magnificent marijuana harvest of your goals. Although it was initially a dating app, High There has pivoted to form specific groups of growers, investors, budtenders, enthusiasts entrepreneurs, and all the others between. The application is free and can be found on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


  • Share your most loved cannabis pictures as well as stories you want to share with fellow cannabis enthusiasts.
  • Build friendships by connecting with groups and individuals who are similar to you.
  • Learn the specifics when investing into cannabis stocks.
  • Learn to get started and advance your profession in the industry of cannabis.
  • Explore articles on your favorite cannabis topics written by verified experts
  • Join groups to exchange information pictures, queries and views with others

Look into the high There App


One of the oldest sites in the field, Massroots gets a mention for crossing the 1 million users mark at the very least. In contrast to other names on this list, this website is not as social, in that there aren’t any profiles for users, nor is there an emphasis on connecting with people.

It’s most of a yelp/trust-pilot kind of platform where you review and rate products/dispensaries while sharing photos and videos about them.


  • Review and rate different products and cannabis strains.
  • Upload your videos, photos and experiences with a variety of products
  • Access a vast collection of dispensaries that are regulated
  • Privacy-focused social network.
  • Create a list of your business or dispensary and gain information about user engagement as well as feedback, analytics, and.

Sign up to Massroots



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