Best Travel Insurance Companies Of September 2021

Travel insurance

With travel restrictions changing frequently, travelers are already making plans for the coming year and the next. It is a great method to safeguard against the unforeseeable. To identify the top travel insurance providers we rated the 12 most important advantages in 41 insurance plans. We also selected the best-scoring plan for each company for our rating.



Our analysis covered each policy’s Covid-19 coverage; benefits for trip delays, baggage and cancellations, coverage for medical expenses and medical emergencies as well as the option to cancel any time for any reason.


What Do Travel Insurance Cover?

Insurance policies that cover travel can tie with a variety of advantages. Talk to an agent for travel insurance who will help you determine the types of coverage you require and compare the various options available for you.

Check out these top options for coverage.

Trip cancellation insurance

It is unlikely that you book a trip with the intention to cancel it, however unexpected illnesses injuries, accidents or illness of a family member, jury duty, and many more can cause a disruption to plans. Insurance for cancellation of your trip covers you in full for the money that you forfeit in pre-paid non-refundable deposits in the event that you need to cancel due to a reason that is listed within the policies.

When Covid is a major concern there are insurance policies to will cover cancellations due to Covid in the event that it is discovered that you have contracted the disease prior to your trip.

Travel medical insurance

This is an important insurance option for international travelers which is in which you U.S. health plan may offer a limited or no insurance. Medical insurance for travel covers ambulance services medical, hospital and doctor charges, as well as other medical expenses incurred during your travels. There are many limits of coverage, ranging from $500,000 to $500,000 per person.

Since Medicare doesn’t provide health insurance outside of within the U.S., travel medical insurance is essential for older travelers.

In the event that Covid is a problem, you can get insurance policies for travel which cover medical costs related to Covid in the event that you get the virus during your travel.

Emergency medical evacuation coverage

This is also an important insurance for travelers who are traveling internationally particularly to remote locations where high-quality medical attention may be difficult to locate. Medical evacuation insurance for emergencies will pay to transport you to the nearest suitable medical facility. There is a wide coverage up to $1 million per person.

Another coverage option to think about

Other benefits you might consider including in a comprehensive travel insurance planinclude:

  • Travel delay
  • Trip interruption
  • Personal effects and baggage
  • Connections not working
  • “Cancel at any time” Upgrade to cancel your trip


We looked over and evaluated 41 travel insurance plans and then chose the top-scoring policy for every company to determine the final rating.

The points awarded to select the top travel insurance providers were on the basis of the following 12 advantages:

Insurance coverage for COVID in the event of cancellation as well as medical expense coverage (100 points): In our assessment last year, this was not even considered. This year, having COVID coverage is essential for all travelers.

Cancel at any time for any reason (100 points): This optional policy allows you to get cancellation benefits regardless of the reason for not being able to cancel isn’t mentioned in the policy base.

Medical emergency costs (up of 50 points): Plans earned more points when they had higher coverage limits.

Medical evacuation in emergency (up up to 50 points): Plans earned more points when they had higher coverage limits.

Reimbursement for cancellation of a trip (up of 20 points): Plans earned more points when they refunded at higher levels.

A free-look period (up up to 10 points): The free look period gives you the opportunity to reconsider your decision about your purchase without penalty. Plans earn more points for longer free look time.

Time of delay in baggage (up up to 10 points): Plans got more points for shorter durations to be able to claim reimbursement for delayed baggage.

The reimbursement for baggage delay (up up to 10 points): Swimsuit for the pool? Not sure? A tie and jacket for dinner? Negative. Reimbursement for delayed baggage can help be used to pay for emergency purchases.

Incomplete connection reimbursement (up 10-points): Plans earned more points when they paid higher amounts.

Time for travel delay (up up to 10 points): Plans earned more points for fewer delays before payment.

Reimbursement for travel delays (up 10-points): Plans earned more points to pay higher amounts.

Travel interruption compensation (up up to 10 points): Plans earned more points when they refunded at higher levels.


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