Affiliate Marketing Guide 2021

affiliate marketing

If you currently own a business or are thinking of starting one up,  affiliate marketing chances are,
you are going to need some information about how to get the word out about
your product or service. That is when you need to think about marketing and
building a marketing strategy.

affiliate marketing

With the World Wide Web being the major source of information sharing and
communications in the world, it is natural that you would want to use this as a
major focus for building your marketing strategy.

That is what this e-book is
for; to teach you how to become a major player in the field of business that
you choose by taking advantage of the internet and using affiliation as your
marketing strategyís foundation.

Of course, before I can show you how to become a master affiliate, I think it
would be best to begin with a basic introduction to marketing in general. So in
this introduction to becoming a master affiliate, I will give you a basic
explanation into marketing because this will help you to better understand how
an affiliation can be done with expert precision.

Most people are aware of what marketing is, but most do not realize everything
that is involved in marketing. Marketing is not a temporary thing. Marketing is
more than sales. Marketing is actually an entire process of activities that is
used to:

1. Get your potential customer’s attention
2. Motivate them to buy
3. Get them to actually buy
4. Get them to keep buying

Marketing is how you define your product, promote your product, distribute
your product, and to maintain a relationship with your customers. All of this is
important if you want to run a successful business. When you become an
affiliate, you are just gaining access to a world of customers instead of just
being available for a local customer base.

It simply allows you to reach millions
of potential customers instead of hundreds. With this kind of potential, is it a
wonder that so many people are relying on the web as their marketing hub.
In order to get the consumerís attention,

you will need to know who they are
and where they are. When you use affiliation, you can cut some of that work in
half. When you are an affiliate, a lot of your customers will find you. This is a
business feat that is just too good to be true, and if you know what you are
doing, the benefits are simply awesome!

About affiliate marketing

Your first interest in any type of marketing campaign is to start developing a
marketing strategy that is going to be focused on who you will need to
determine your target market is.

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This is exactly who you think will be your
consumers. For starters, you need to know how to break down your consumers.
Target market is the group of potential customers that will be selected for the
reception of your marketing strategy. It certainly makes it easier to develop
your strategy if you know exactly who/how old/where people live when trying
to sell things to them.

If you are looking to segment the market, you need to
determine the different target markets for each segment. For example, if you
are selling tires, (which everyone needs) you will need to divide your market by
knowing how people shop for tires, and who they are.

If you are selling high cost/quality tires, you have to market to a market that is
likely to buy them such as middle aged and established consumers as opposed
to teens and twenty-somethingís who may not be able to afford them

There are different means that are used by professional marketers that help
you to find your target audience. You can use both of them that are within your
means. Some of these methods include:

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1. Researching the market through surveys, interviews, and setting up shop
in a mall to see who questions you the most etc. to see who would
benefit the most from your product and be most likely to buy.
2. Host experimental sessions for people to try out your product and give
their opinions for improvements etc. so that you can ensure that you
giving the people what they want or need.
3. Host trial websites that are geared toward finding the market by letting
the market come to you.

You can best do this by utilizing keyword
centered articles that will let you know who is coming toy our website.
It really doesnít matter if you stand on your front porch and just ask people
what they want in a product or service like yours or not, as long as you get a
good handle on who your market audience is.

If you are selling T-shirts, you
will likely want to appeal to younger people who are more likely to wear them;
which means that you should market your wares to those people. To do this,
you will have to begin your strategy where you know you will find themÖ.on
the internet.
When you are using the internet to market any product or service, you must
understand the basics of what internet marketing is.

When you are marketing
on the internet, you are looking to reach a larger audience and therefore, you
need something that will catch their attention and bring them to you. In order
to do this, you will have to bring these people to your website.
Once you have your website built, you have to work on getting people to visit
not just once, but over and over again.

You can start this by using your website
to do more than just sell stuff. You should always try to host a website that is
also informational. It is generally the website that offer up to date
information as well as sell wares.

It is through the information that you establish yourself as a trustworthy
authority to your consumers. Doing this establishes trust with your consumers
and brings them back again all of the time.

Nobody wants to visit a website
that is profiling outdated information in a month. It is the up to date websiteís
that get and keep clients. These are also the website that the search engines
find relevant during a query.
A nice tip for keeping your information up to date; especially if you are selling
a product or service that is rarely updated is to keep a weather program or
stock ticker program running on your website because the search engine
spiders and robots will view this as new content and still return to your site on
a regular basis.
If you are running a website that can sell things directly or order services and
make payments there etc.

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you will want to generate as much sales as possible.
What this means is that you need to make search engines come to your site for
a particular product or service before others. It is because of this need that
search engines have to become your best friend, which I will explain what
these are below.

Search Engine Basics For Affiliate Marketing

Search engines are computer programs that are used to explore the internet in
search of web pages. They do this by using “spiders,” “crawlers,” or “robots”
which are used to search for the most up to date information on any given
search request.

This may seem like an odd place to introduce you to the search
engines, but I can assure that this section is well placed.

Giving you the basics
here will help you to understand what I am saying in the later sections.
Anyways back to the basics and explanation of search engine spiders.

These spiders (like those that are used by Google) are able to follow the links
present on web pages that are located by specific keywords. When spiders are
searching for a new webpage, they copy all or parts of the text present on the

page into their search engine database. Other spiders revisit these pages on a
regular basis so that they can register changes or dead links. The wait time
varies greatly from search engine to search engine. It is for this reason that
your website should stay current.

The search engine will have hundreds of millions of web pages in its database.
In order to deliver relevant results, the search engine companies have
developed special ranking algorithms that calculate the order of search
requirement results.

The keyword or keyword phrase the visitor enters into the
search form of the search engine will determine which web sites get picked up
by the query.

The pages the search engine find most relevant will be listed
first. This will determine where you will be listed upon search requests.
For instance, if you are searching for “Beethoven,” and the search engine finds
a main headline on that page containing the phrase “Ludwig von Beethoven,” it
will assume that this page is fairly relevant to your needs.

If, on the other
hand, it finds the phrase only once, and it is buried in a long text, it will ignore
it because it will assume that this is not important. That is why so many
websites use special keywords more than once in a particular article or
webpage, because that is how the spiders pick them up and place them higher
in the results of a search.
What does this mean to you as a business person? WellÖ..this means that in
order for you to even consider affiliation; you must first have a website. If you
want your website to get attention, you have to appeal to search engines first.
Many potential affiliates will not want to associate with just anyone prefer a
site that gets traffic.

Knowing about search engines and how to appeal to them
will get you this traffic. I will offer more on traffic in another section later.
Right now I would like to get you started with website affiliation because that
is what this book is about and I have already given the basics about marketing
in general.

The Fundamentals of Website Affiliate Marketing

As you can imagine from the above section that spends a great of time focusing
on the basics of internet marketing, you must realize that it was all just an
informed lead in to the affiliation, which is the whole reason that we are here.
The first thing that you have to think about when getting into the affiliation
game is how to go about it.

In order to understand this, you will need to know
exactly what it is and get basic knowledge about it.
Affiliate programs are an excellent way to generate income for your site or
someone else, and it is a pretty good introduction into ecommerce, however
but it’s a numbers game. Basically, the more people who visit your site, the
greater your chances become for creating a good income, especially if the
programs you participate in are related to your site topic.

Chances are you
have probably come across many commercial sites that claim to offer the best
affiliate program. What you will often learn is that this is simply not true.
So what exactly is an affiliate program, you might ask? An affiliate program is
where a company offers to pay you a certain amount of money for either a
click through from your site, or a fixed amount for a lead (where the visitor
signs up for a newsletter, etc.)

or a percentage of a purchase made by a visitor
as a result of a click through. Even if the visitor does not make a purchase on
the advertiser site right away, most programs will offer cookie duration of
usually around 30-90 days.

What this really means is that as long as the visitor has the cookie in their
cache; even if they return to the advertisers site one month later, you will still
receive the commission from the sale however, as in all things that are business
related, cookie duration is not a guarantee when you sign up for an affiliation
program and is something that you need to check for before signing on.
Looking for the best affiliate programs

The best way to try to explain this to you is to give you some of my personal
experiences when looking for an affiliation program.
When I first started searching for and implementing affiliations with various
companies; it was one of the largest parts of time wasted during my day when
it came to managing my website.

I spent a disgusting amount of hours
searching for suitable affiliate programs, implementing the links and then
keeping track of what they did
If you are hoping that marketing a website affiliation is going to get you rich
quickly, forget about it. You will have to spend a lot of time in your project
if you want to make it work for you.

Then again, all money making ventures
do, just ask Donald Trump.
Of course, the income that was generated from each program was actually
pretty low at that time because at that time the number of visitors to my site
was not high either. With this in mind, it was not particularly uncommon for
companies to disappear on me without warning me about it and since most
affiliate programs only pay out at around the $25 mark, I would lose a lot of
revenue in the end.
The other part of affiliation that I was not happy with was the idea of another
companies bannerís being plastered all over my site, if you place too many of
them on any given page it only serves to confuse and irritate your visitors.
think about it;

how do you like it when you visit a site. Any more than one
animated element on a web page can be very distracting which leaves you with
nothing gained at all, and many affiliate programs insist upon this type of
bargain when signing on. By now, you must realize that I learned a lot just by
trial and error.
Affiliate tracking can also a problem. After you have successfully applied to
become an affiliate for a company, they will usually supply you with some
personalized code or link.

It is very important that this code is implemented
correctly into your page; because otherwise you may be sending the company
visitors without being reimbursed. Most snippets of code contain a unique user

which is used by the company to distinguish which site sent traffic. Even if
you do implement this code in the right way, it has been my experience on
occasion for it not to function correctlyî.
Having heard of my experiences, you can see why I would not really
recommend that you hunt around and sign up without much research and
thought first when finding a good affiliate program. Your time is too valuable
and could be better spent creating content and updating your site.

But there
are some excellent individual companies offering affiliate programs out there.
What I have discovered to be very successful is to take advantage of companies
like Offers Quest or Google for text link advertising. Text links are a great
resource as they are bandwidth friendly, and when they are implemented
properly add valuable content to your site which can also assist in search
engine rankings.
When it comes to website affiliation, you will also need to know how to
conduct a market study because this is how you will find your target audience.
Without a targeted audience, your marketing campaign will not be effective.
Below I have begun to give you an outline of what you should include in your
market study.

It is best to write it down; especially if you are hoping to entice
someone else into investing in your marketing venture. That and it is a good
way to keep track of your objective and provides a good guideline of what
needs to be done.
Marketing Study OutlineóWhat you need to know
In order to be able to conduct a decent targeting and marketing campaign, you
must first understand the fundamentals of finding out who they are. They only
way to do this is to follow a specific guideline for you to follow. Check out the
guideline below.

1. Your Objective to the Research
• Explain in one paragraph why the research is being done, what you hope
to learn and for what purpose the information that you attain may be

2. Description of the Market
This should be general like one paragraph

Who is your Target Market(s)
• Why you chose this particular market
• Get a complete profile of your market (e.g., demographics, psychographics,
• What benefits does your market seek (i.e., what points-of-pain or problems
are being solved)
• What factors can affect their decision to purchase or use your
• What attitudes do they have about the products/services that are currently
not on the market
• How is the product used
• Products and Services that appeal to the target market
• In general terms, what is currently so appealing to this market
• If there are no current providers, what types of products/services may
appeal to this market in the future (i.e., what is used now to solve the
3. Market Metrics
Get many Size estimates (current and future) for all of the following:
• Overall market
• Current size as it stands
• Potential size for the future
• Actual penetration of current products/service within the entire market

Individual market segments

• Current size
• Potential size
• Actual penetration of current products/service within the total market
• Usage rates
• Frequency of product purchases
• Growth estimates (current and in the future) for:
• Overall market
• Individual market segments
Competitive Analysis
You must include a Summary of who your Current Competitors are
Listing the competition by market share ranking (by each target market if
possible) is a good way to size them up. You can also be more specific by
searching for individual points listed below.

Current Competitors – full analysis of top competitors including:

• Products & Services (e.g., description, uniqueness, pricing, etc.)
• Their Market share at current
• Current customers (targeted audience)
• Positioning and promotion strategies
• Partnerships/Alliances/Distributors
• Recent news
SWOT Analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats
It is extremely important to focus attention on the SWOT section of this report.
While most other information in this report can be gleaned from company and
secondary materials, much of what appears in the SWOT section is based on the
researcherís own opinions of the competitor based on the information that

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